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Car Shipping Specialist Bright Star Transport provides reliable car and vehicle transport worldwide! We have both US and international clients that use our transport services on an ongoing bases.
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Commitment to Service has enabled us to enjoy steady and consistent growth even during slow economic times. A dispatch staff that is available to answer any questions a customer might have helps to demonstrate our commitment to our customers satisfaction.

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Experienced Drivers are a key to our success. Bright Star Transport requires its drivers to have at least 5 years of verifiable experience.

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Constant GPS tracking and communication with our drivers give customers peace of mind in knowing where their vehicles are located at any time.

Bright Star Transport is a competitively priced carrier, most of our business is coming from customer’s referrals; therefore, we understand that our satisfied customers are the reasons why we are in business today.
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Bright Star Transport Has Convenient Car Transport Locations In Each Of The Following States:


combined experience, Bright Star Transport can easily manage both domestic and international transport services.

We are licensed by the U.S. Government Department of Transport (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and California Moving and Storage Association. Bright Star is also rated by Transport Reviews. Bright Star Transport offers a variety of statewide, nationwide, and international transport services. Offering everything you need including, safe, secure and dependable transportation across the U.S. or overseas! Whether your automobile is transporting across the West Coast or East Cost or even around the globe, you can count on us! If you’ve been searching for the right car shipping company, then look no further – Bright Star Transport is your No. 1 choice for reliable auto shipping!

  • Car Transport Service

    – Get your car moving! When it’s time to ship your vehicle across cities, states or even continents, Bright Star Transport will make sure your car reaches its destination!
  • Auto Shipping Quotes

    ¬ Make this your last stop for car shipping quotes. Just get started by completing our online form and you will receive a car transport quote shortly.
  • Door-to-door Car Shipping

    - The easiest and most convenient way to ship your car. Unlike terminal-to –terminal shipping, our trucks come to you within your area! Our experienced driver will get as close as possible to the specified pick-up spot within safe and legal boundaries.
  • State-wide/ Nation-wide/International Car Shipping Service

    - With so many years of experience in the industry, Bright Star Transport has built a strong, reputable and reliable network of carriers throughout the U.S. and around the world! This is how we’re able to offer you quality car shipping services at reasonable prices.
  • Open/ Enclosed Trailer Car Transportation

    – Two options to consider when thinking about how you like to ship your vehicle. We give you’re the best car moving quotes for whatever you need!